Orders and Awards

Members are referred to the National Constitution Part A, Clauses 10 and 25 to 28.

5.2.1    An Executive member of the National Council or Commandery wishing to recommend another member for advancement in rank within the Order should raise a Recommendation for Promotion form (refer Appendix IIb).  The grounds for promotion and the nominee’s exemplary service and performance should be stated concisely.  Only matters which demonstrate the member’s service and contributions to the objectives of the Order are relevant.

5.2.2    The Recommendation form should be obtained from the Commandery Secretary and when completed shown to him for checking the nominee’s personal details.  When verified, the Commandery Secretary will arrange for the Commandery President and Herald to consider the recommendation and they may seek further information and opinion to support the proposal.

5.2.3    The Commandery President, if in agreement with the recommendation and satisfied that it confirms with established principles, and that the member does not belong to any bogus Order, will send the completed Recommendation for Promotion form to the Chancellor.  The form should be under cover of a letter signed by the Commandery President.  The letter may amplify the reasons for the recommendation and should confirm the disclaimer about bogus Orders mentioned on the form.

5.2.4    An Executive member of the National Council making a recommendation for the advancement of, or award to another senior member of the Order should follow the procedure as in 5.2.2 and 5.2.3, and forward the form to the Chancellor under cover of an explanatory letter.

5.2.5    On receipt of a recommendation the Chancellor will either convene a meeting of the Membership and Promotions Committee, or seek the views of all members of that Committee, and decide on the merits of the recommendation.

5.2.6    Provided the recommendation is agreed by a majority of the Membership and Promotions Committee, the form will be submitted to the Grand Prior for his approval and signature as Head of Jurisdiction.

5.2.7    An approved form is returned to the Chancery for dispatch to the Grand Secretary General.  Promotions to the ranks of Knight, Dame and above are referred to the Grand Master for his approval, and depending on his program, it may be several months before a response is received.  Similarly, Order of Merit awards are granted by the Grand Master.

5.2.8    The Chancery will receive advice from the Grand Secretary General as to the result of the recommendation.  In successful instances, the member concerned will be advised of the promotion or award by letter.  A copy of that letter will be sent to the member’s Commandery President.

5.2.9    Should the recommendation be unsuccessful at the Committee stage, or subsequently, the Chancellor will advise the appropriate Commandery President accordingly.

5.2.10   A member recommending promotion or award and those members involved in considering the merits of the case must exercise complete discretion so that the nominee will only become aware of the honour when he/she receives the official letter.

A member who makes a recommendation but receives a decision contrary to the recommendation should accept the decision with grace and not subject it to appeal or inquiry.

5.2.11   In circumstances where advancement in rank is not considered appropriate or desirable within a Commandery, but the member’s dedicated service to the Order is obvious to others, recommendation of a Merit award should be considered.  Companions and non-members are also eligible for Order of Merit awards and for advancement in that Order.

A similar procedure to that recommending promotion should be followed, but the Recommendation for Merit form used (refer Appendix IIc and Clause 25 of the National Constitution).

5.2.12    Brevets showing the new rank in the Order of Saint Lazarus and in the Order of Merit will be received by members so honoured.

5.2.13    The Grand Priory of Australia may also award medals as mentioned in Clause 26 of the National Constitution.

5.2.14    Neither nominees nor members generally should be made aware of recommendations for advancement and award before the successful result of the recommendation has been conveyed in writing from the Chancery.  It is important for the privacy of the nominee and the confidential nature of the recommendation to be respected and any possible embarrassment avoided.


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