Membership Requirements


Rules of Membership
For detailed information see Members Manual chapter 5 and National Constitution, Part A, Clause 6

1       Candidates for membership shall be proposed from men and women of such character and standing as to be a credit to the Order and an asset in achieving its aims.

2       Candidates shall:

(1)       be baptised into the Christian faith, live according to Christian principles and be a member of a recognised mainstream Christian denomination;

(2)       be of sound mind, be known to live honourably and be prepared to observe the requirements and rules of the Australian and International Orders;

(3)       be willing to make a solemn pledge of allegiance to the Order at a formal ceremony of investiture;

(4)       be proposed by members on the active list of the Commandery which the candidate seeks to join;

(5)       be not less than 21 years of age; and

(6)       comply with any relevant Rules relating to nomination for membership. 3 All members of the Australian Order must belong to a Commandery.

4        Candidates for membership shall be proposed by at least two active members with comprehensive knowledge of the candidate and in consultation with members of the Commandery.

5        Provided the Commandery President agrees nominations for membership and the recommended rank on admission are to be submitted by the President of the relevant Commandery to the Chancellor on the prescribed postulant's petition. The Chancellor shall cause the nomination to be laid before the Grand Prior and, if approved, the nomination shall be forwarded by the Chancellor to the Grand Secretary-General of the Order.

6        New members will ordinarily be admitted as an Officer of the Australian Order but admission as a Commander may be approved if the age, service and position in society of the candidate warrants it.

7        All nominations for membership are subject to the final determination of the Grand Master.

8        Candidates accepted for membership shall be invested in the presence of members of the Order at an authorised ceremony of investiture as soon as practically possible after their acceptance for membership, and within 2 years of their acceptance, unless the Grand Prior is prepared to extend the time period upon a reasonable request being made for an extension.

9        Ordained ministers of the Christian faith who are accepted for membership may be appointed by Commanderies as Chaplains to the Commandery. Only one Chaplain should be appointed for any one denomination. Ordained ministers may be members of a Commandery without necessarily being Chaplains. Chaplain members will be exempt from payment of any joining or annual membership fees. However, ordained members of the Commanderies who have either retired or who are on stipends and who are not Chaplain members will also be exempt from any joining fee but will be obliged to pay any international component of the annual membership fee.


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