Friends of the Order

For detailed information see Members Manual chapter 5.6

5.6.1   Each Commandery may establish and maintain a Register of persons to be known as Friends of the Order.  This will consist of persons who support the ideals and aims of the Order but who do not wish necessarily to participate as full members.

5.6.2   A member may nominate a person for inclusion in the Register and for approval by the Commandery that such person is deemed fit.  Also, the Commandery may remove a person from the Register.

5.6.3   The Friends shall not have status as a group and the individual Friends shall have no commitment to the Order beyond support of its ideals.  Nevertheless, Friends shall be expected to support the charitable activities of the Commandery to which they are registered.

5.6.4    It is considered that where members who have been on the inactive list for the five year maximum period or who do not qualify for the inactive list and are unable to participate in the normal activities of the Order may wish to consider appointment as a Friend.  Spouses of the appointed persons might also be nominated as Friends.

5.6.5    The Commandery shall thereupon issue a Certificate certifying, under the hand of the President, that the person named therein is a valued Friend of the Order.  The Commandery may issue a lapel badge.  Such Certificate, and if applicable a lapel badge, shall be presented to the recipient in such manner as the Commandery may decide.

5.6.6    No fee shall be paid by the Friend in respect of such listing.  An annual donation of $50 towards the charitable funds will be expected from each Friend of the Order.  A Friend who makes an additional donation of $1,000 or more may request to become a Life Member of the Friends of the Order.

5.6.7    A Commandery has the delegated right to set up its own structure for  a new Friends of the Order, but it is recommended that the Commandery consult the Victorian Commandery for assistance in setting up an administration process as it has already been established.



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